Friday, 25 September 2009

I Got Up At 3pm!

Wednesday 23rd September

I was so bad today - I didn't get up until about 3pm! I slept right through the morning and afternoon and, although I woke up a couple of times when there was a cleaner in the room, there was no way I could get out of bed any earlier. I think the last few days have definitely caught up with me and I will be taking things a lot easier tonight. I have still felt tired all day and don't think I will have any problems sleeping tonight either!

Once I was up I started looking for more accomodation and sent about 10 emails off to people who had posted adverts. I have not received any replies to any of them yet but hope I will start getting replies soon as I could really do with having something sorted by the weekend. The prices here seem to range quite a bit - apartments seem to be a little expensive but if you are prepared to share it ranges between €300 and €400. Some of these are a few miles outside of Roma itself but some are actually pretty central. I would prefer somewhere central but I guess I will take what I can get really.

After the free pasta I headed over to the other hostel for free pizza and a few drinks. I had got chatting to an Australian girl called Tracy and an American girl called Madeleine so we went over there together with an English guy who was on his own. Again, I can't remember his name - I'm bloody awful! Madeleine said she was heading back early as she was tired due to jet lag but wanted to go sight seeing in Roma tomorrow and only had the one day. I offered to walk her round everywhere and she accepted. It was a pretty good way of ensuring I didn't drink all night as I arranged to leave with her at 9am!

The English guy left a little later and I sat with Tracy until around midnight having a few drinks. It was pretty amusing as I was quite sober as I only had about 4 or 5 beers but Tracy actually got quite drunk and she was almost falling over on the way back to our hostel! On the way back I saw a few people who looked lost so stopped to give them directions - I even directed an Italian guy in Italian! I never thought I would be doing that within such a short space of time. I always try and help people if they look lost now, especially at night as I can appreciate how easy it is to get lost!


  1. Hi Matt,

    Sounds like you are having a great time!

    FYI, there is a little market near the Piazza Rotunda, where the Pantheon is. I forget the name of the market, it is on Via Giustiniani on the right hand side of the street, a door or so down from Piazza Rotunda. If you need a little variety in your diet and you want to eat inexpensively, I would pick up some food from there.

    Or, on market day in the Campo di Fiori, you can haggle with the vendors to try to get food a little cheaper.

    Just a suggestion.

    BTW, did you get a chance visit Herculaneum while you were in Sorrento? I was wondering which is the best train to get there from Sorrento.


  2. Ciao Vips!

    Thanks for the tips, I will be sure to bear them in mind. Piazza Rotunda is a bloody maze but I will be sure to have a look around there for the market you mentioned!

    I didn't have time in the end to visit Ercolano and I was a little disappointed not to have been but it's cheap enough for me to go back. For the train you will need to get the one from Sorrento to Napoli - both Pompei and Ercolano are stops on that journey.

  3. Hi Matt so you've made it to Rome mate! You probably have thought of this already but you might be interested in contacting an english speaking tour operator in Rome for a job...

    Someone there might be able to point you in the right direction, you're pretty much doing it now anyway by the sounds of it so you might as well get paid!!