Saturday, 30 May 2009


Well, my 15 to 20 miles was a little ambitious! I totally underestimated just how warm it was today… Everything went to plan this morning – I was up at 8.30am and chilled out with Roman until about 10.30am. We set off for our walk with me having decided I was going to just wear a pair of shorts. Within a couple of miles it became clear how warm it was.

We managed to walk about 8 miles in just under 2 hours so got home at about 12.30pm – traditionally the hottest part of the day. I stood outside my brother’s house – he lives about 50 yards away from me – and Roman was delighted to be given a couple of litres of water. We stood there for what must have been an hour talking so I took Roman home shortly before 2pm.

I took the opportunity to get something to eat and then decided to go back to my brother’s house to watch the FA Cup Final – I wish I hadn’t bothered to be honest as it wasn’t the result I had wanted! Yes, I am a die hard Liverpool fan but I feel it’s always nice to have trophies on Merseyside even if Liverpool don’t win them and I don’t have much time for Chelsea anyway.

After the match we took my nephew, Reece, out to play football for half an hour before returning to my brother’s house. It was whilst playing football that it dawned on me just how hot the day had been. My body has turned a fairly pink colour and, considering I shaved my head to a grade 0 to take advantage of the sun, I was a little worse for wear!

I applied lots of aftersun but I’m afraid the damage had already done! I was a little gutted to be honest as I was looking forward to another walk with Roman this evening but I have not been feeling too great to be honest! I have been getting the sunstroke shivers all evening and I think it was a wise decision to leave it this evening…

I have had a headache for most of this evening – I am not sure whether this is because of the sun or the few litres of pear cider I drank this afternoon whilst watching the football but I had to have a couple of Paracetamol and a powernap a little earlier to help sort my head out. I’m feeling a little tired now so I think I will be getting an early night!

Me and Roman have dog training in the morning – our usual session is at 12pm but Angela, the instructor, has asked me to go at 11am tomorrow. This is no problem to me as I am not up to much else tomorrow but this means we will need to be up at about 8am as I always like to walk Roman 8 miles before I go as this helps to take away a little of the excess energy he has – it’s easier to deal with him around other dogs if he has been walked a fair distance!

Oh, just thought too – I mentioned yesterday that I have started a group on Facebook but realised today that I never posted a link to it in here so here it is:

The group now has 110 members, which isn’t bad considering I only set it up a day or two ago! I am pleased to see that about 25% of this is people I don’t know so it seems that word is beginning to get around about my plans. Thanks to everyone who has helped with this!

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