Saturday, 15 August 2009

Only Two More Sleeps!

Last night ended up being a really late night and we all drank far too much! We must have had about eighty shots between about six of us and that was on top of about ten or twelve pints each! I managed to get up before lunchtime and relaxed for a bit before heading over to a friend’s for a barbecue. The weather has been brilliant here today so it has been a good chance to get accustomed to being in the sun all day.

Tonight I am going to be pretty busy again. It was my step mum’s birthday the other day so we are off out for a meal this evening before I head off into town again for drinks with a few of my other friends. It’s quite likely that it will be another late night and I am not looking forward to the potential hangover tomorrow – I have felt alright all day but I am sure it will catch up with me tomorrow!

I am sure tonight will be really good as I am off out with a friend from Cardiff, Sophie, who I don’t get to see very often. She is an absolute scream and we always have a laugh when we get together. It’s nice that she has managed to come up to Chester before I leave as I will not see her now for quite a while! I have told everybody I know that they are more than welcome to visit us when we have settled in Rome.

Roman has had me in hysterics for the past couple of days. The vet gave us a lampshade type thing to put over his head to stop him licking and chewing at his paws when I am not around. When I first put it on he seemed a little freaked out by it and just stood still as if he was frozen. I couldn’t get him to move for ages and I am sure he was wondering where his body had gone!

He seemed a little bewildered for quite a while but, eventually, he seemed to settle. He still doesn’t seem totally happy about it but at least he is not completely freaked out by it now. At first he wouldn’t even sit down let alone lie down and when I went out I could see through the blinds that he was still stood exactly where I had left him! I got my brother, Rich, to pop round a few times during the evening to check on him and let him out to the toilet. Apparently he was still a little unsure of it but it has certainly calmed him down somewhat!

His paws are starting to look a little better but I am pretty sure he will not be able to start the walk with me. Instead I think he will have to join up with me either after a few days or at Dover when Nathan comes down to take us over on the ferry. It’s a big blow for me as he’s like my shadow most of the time. He is with me most of the time so it will be really strange to be without him for a while. Still, I would much rather have his paws completely healed so that this sort of thing won’t happen again on the way to Rome.


  1. Been following your blog for a while now, just wanted to wish you and roman all the best

  2. Hi (whoever you are!)

    Thanks for the support, it's really appreciated.