Saturday, 8 August 2009

Surprise Family Meal!!

My family and friends surprised me tonight – I was meant to be going out for a meal with my mum, two of my brothers and one of my brother’s girlfriend but it ended up being a surprise bash with about twenty people there in total! I was pretty surprised as I was just expecting a nice quiet meal! It was really good and I had a really nice time – it was nice to see so many of my friends and family all together at the same time.

I managed to get hold of Roman’s dog boots today – a friend of mine, Lou, had ordered them off the internet and they arrived on Wednesday but she lives next door to my mum about 12 miles away so I couldn’t get them until today. I can’t wait to put them on Roman and take him out in them – I’m sure he will find them a bit strange at first but, once he is used to them, they will be invaluable.

The boots look really cool and everybody is really impressed with them. They may have been quite expensive at about £50 but I am sure they will be worth every single penny. If they protect Roman’s paws then they will have done their job. I will only put them on him when I am walking along the path – if we are on grass then I won’t put them on him so that I can make sure that the grip on the bottom lasts as long as possible.

My nan has been in hospital for a few weeks now so me and my mum popped to see her for a bit before we popped up to her house for a bit. I went to see my granddad who lives just down the road for a bit afterwards as he wanted to give me some money to help me out with my expenses along the way. He gave me £50 and I am really grateful for that. Any money that my family give me to help me along the way will be very helpful.

Other than that there hasn’t really been a lot going on today. My laptop arrived earlier today and I am really happy with it. Again, the laptop will really help me along the way and I can’t wait to get started and using it to update my blog each day!

Day Seven

After a couple of days of longer walks we will only be walking about 21 miles on our seventh day of walking. We will set off nice and early from Stony Stratford and will be aiming to get to a town called Dunstable by the end of the day. We will be passing by Milton Keynes and Bletchley along the way but will not be passing through any sizeable towns along the way.

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