Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Vango And Roman's Boots

It’s just my luck that as soon as I give up on a cause it comes through. That’s exactly what happened today – I got an email this morning from Vango apologising for the delay in responding to my request but advising that they would like to try and help providing, of course, there would be a commercial benefit to them. After a couple of emails back and forth it seems that they may be able to strike up an agreement with the store I bought their products from for me to take it back and have it replaced by Vango themselves as the store are a major stockist of their goods.

Holly, the lady that emailed me, seems to be really good. She advised me that she would be off on holiday for a couple of days but should be able to give me a definitive answer by Monday afternoon. I will be delighted if this comes through as it will mean that I get £141 back towards my funds! This will be a great help to me as, I’m sure you can understand, every penny really counts for me. I only have a limited budget to work with and I have to think about being able to pay to rent somewhere and to be able to live once I get there if I don’t manage to get a job immediately.

The weather here has been superb today for a change and it has given me a rare (of late anyway) opportunity to get my shorts on and catch some rays. I am sure I will have plenty of time for that on my travels but it can’t harm for my skin to get used to the sun again! I will have to make sure that I get plenty of suncream for the journey though as it would be really bad if I burnt early into my adventure. I have a history of being careless with this kind of stuff so I will be making a conscious effort to change this!

I have had Roman out a couple of times today; I am still only taking him running on the field by our house but it’s something at least. My friend rang me a little earlier to inform me that Roman’s dog boots have arrived so I should get my hands on them pretty soon so our proper walks can start again as soon as I have them. I have really missed our walks together and can’t wait to get started again but am glad that I have been extra cautious with Roman whilst his paw has healed.

His paw does seem to be much, much better now so I think I have done the right thing by him, even if I have felt really cruel at times! I think we take our feet for granted but it has really made me think about how I would cope if I didn’t wear shoes and injured my foot. Also, can you imagine walking around barefoot on tarmac roads when it is 25 degrees with the sun beating down? It would be horrific!

I am hoping to get the bicycle trailer / stroller some time this week but it could take until early next week to arrive. As soon as it arrives I will be practising walking with Roman with it so that he is used to it before we set off. I am sure he will have no problem as he doesn’t seem to be fazed by anything really. I’m pretty sure that he will happily walk at my side behind it but it’s always best to allow a little time beforehand for him to get used to it.

Day Five

Our fifth day of walking is all set to be a rather unremarkable affair. We will be walking about 21 miles from Nuneaton to a place called Kilsby. There are no big towns along the way and there seems to be very little of interest along the whole of the journey. As a result, it will probably be a rather boring day for us but I’m sure there will be a few more days like that along the way, I just hope the sun is out so that it doesn’t make it a miserable day too!

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