Sunday, 5 July 2009

Dog Training Tomorrow, I Better Get An Early Night!

I have to take Roman to dog training in the morning so I will need to be up nice and early tomorrow for a change. It will be a bit of a shock to the system after pretty much a whole week of relaxing now I don’t have to go to work anymore! I will make sure I am in bed at a reasonable time as I turned down Angela’s offer of a wake up call so I better not let her down!

On another matter, I received a message off Angela today recommending a journalist who has done an article on her before so I looked her up on the internet. Angela had sent a link to a journalists’ website but the website specified that messages would only be allowed to be sent if there was an offer of paid work so I couldn’t use that. I did a quick search on Google and found her email address so sent a message off. The website I found it on was

After finding the journalist, Monica Cafferky I thought I would type some random celebrity names in to see who else I could find. The majority of the ones I entered came up with nothing and then Max Clifford’s name popped into my head. He is a very well known publicist and has recently been responsible for a lot of the publicity Jade Goody received. It can’t do any harm to request help from him so I sent him an email too. Hopefully he will get back in touch with me and help me really get the ball rolling with regards to publicity!

I would imagine he would be very much more experienced than me in approaching companies too so he may be able to give me some pointers on how to target companies and find details of people within the organisations who specifically deal with this sort of thing as it can be quite difficult to get hold of the right person at times. I really hope he gets in touch but we will have to see on that one.

I am going to look for magazines that pay for people’s stories tomorrow and send some emails off to see if they would be interested in what I am doing. The money would really help me as I don’t exactly have a lot of it and I need to find a way to fund me through the trip. If I can’t find a way of raising money to help me then I may have to use my credit cards to allow me to live from day to day but it means I will have a fair bit of debt when I finish! It’s not ideal but it’s for a good cause so I am prepared to do it if I have to.

Roman’s paw seems to be getting better – there is still a hint of a limp there but he has been really good and taken the tablets the vet prescribed with no fuss and has let me put the cream on his paw without any resistance. I think it helps that I do it last thing at night when he is on the verge of falling asleep as he has no energy left to resist!

I managed to find time for a workout with Nath tonight so we did about an hour of weights. I love doing weights regularly and there is no better feeling than getting out of the bath after a good workout! I am starting to notice the difference now and I am sure it won’t be long before my muscles start to grow and add weight to my frame. I think it’s important to build up as much as possible before I go as I am sure I will lose a couple of stone by the time I get to Rome.

We took Roman on the field for half an hour after that to try and expend his energy and he had fun sprinting back and forth from me to Nath and back again. He runs like there’s no tomorrow but knackers himself out fairly quickly. It’s not surprising really as I am sure I would get pretty tired if I was sprinting for half an hour!

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