Monday, 13 July 2009

My Interview Is Now Online!

Today has been a pretty interesting day for me. I got the DVD off my nephew of me and Roman on Granada Reports this afternoon so, after a period of figuring out how to use some modern technology, I managed to edit the recording down so that only the relevant bits of the program were in a final cut. I uploaded it to YouTube and have now posted links to it on some forums I post on as well as posting it to Facebook and adding the video link to my group.

I have since been inundated with comments on my video on Facebook and have received a fair amount of feedback on the forums I post on. Some people are actually being really helpful now too. I think that because I have been in the newspapers and on the television that people can see that I am actually doing it and I am not just some crackpot (ok, maybe I am a crackpot!) on a wind up or a con artist of some description!

I got another donation today also - £5 from somebody called SG. Normally Just Giving will send an email to advise of a donation but I didn’t get one today so I can’t reply in person to say thanks. Whoever you are, SG, I appreciate your donation and I am sure that MSF do too!

I must admit, I am a little disappointed that I haven’t received more donations so far but I think that people tend to donate once something is underway rather than before an event. I am hoping that with the media coverage adding legitimacy to my claims of walking to Rome that I may receive more donations soon and I am sure that they will start flooding in once I set off.

I was thinking about my press release also this weekend – I reckon it would be a good idea for me to start getting it prepared for France and Italy soon. I am not sure how their media will receive it but, if I can plan my route out so that I know exactly which local publications will be relevant, it has to be worth a try. The only way for me to get anywhere near my target is to get as much publicity as possible. I have already had an offer to translate it into Italian but if there are any people out there who are fluent in both English and French then please let me know if you would be willing to translate it for me.

My group on Facebook has started growing again now since I was in the papers and on the TV – powerful mediums and I am grateful to all concerned that have helped me with that, whether it be the people who have written and filmed or people that have put me in touch with the right people. I am just hoping that now I have had my story covered locally it might get easier to make a breakthrough with other forms of media.

I missed dog training today (sorry Angela!) but not because I couldn’t get out of bed. I could have sworn she had said it wasn’t on for whatever reason but I must have got it muddled with the date when classed finish for the summer – Roman was being a little bugger last week so I think it must have been said when I was trying to deal with him and I muddled the message up as a result! I will definitely be back there next week though.

Roman’s limp seems much better today – I am more convinced than ever now that it is a muscle strain. I will be giving him light walks for the next couple of days, maybe five miles a day, and then doing two or three of them a day once he is definitely better. I think a fifteen mile trek in one go is just too much for him but it’s better to work these things out now rather than once we set off!

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