Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Walking Wounded

My younger brother Jamie has stayed over again tonight but he is in work in the morning so I will be guaranteed to be up early in the morning as he has to be up at 7.30am! I have decided that I will take Roman for a run on the field by me as soon as I am properly awake – I have felt so cruel not taking him out these past few days but it’s all for his own good.

His paw seems much better although I think there is still a bit of recovery needed so I will be limiting him to exercise on the field for the next few days and, by then, I might have some dog boots for him anyway. I can’t wait to get his dog boots – they look really cool. For anyone who wants to see them here is a link:

Roman has been like an absolute nutter the past couple of days and has barely stayed still for a minute. The only time he has stopped charging about has been to have a sniff of his lead and to give me “those” eyes! Every time he does that I feel really sorry for him. It must be horrible to have all that energy and no way of releasing it.

I replied to Natalie from P&O Ferries with the information she had requested to be able to provide a free ticket for us. I have not heard back off her today but will hopefully hear back tomorrow to confirm it has all been done. I also gave Sam at the vets a ring to see if she had got any further with the dog food company. She said that she just can’t get hold of the rep she had been speaking to but had been given somebody else’s details in the company to speak to. I will ring Sam back tomorrow to see how she got on.

I replied to the guy who emailed me from the national newspaper also today. I put quite a bit of information into the email about the reasons why I am doing what I am doing, the charities I am supporting and the publicity I have already managed to get. I have not heard back from him today but hopefully he will reply at some time tomorrow to let me know if he can do anything to help me. I hope he can, it’s just a shame that “Simon” seemed to be a wind up – I never managed to get hold of him and he never returned my calls so I will have to assume that he was a wind up. What’s the world coming to, eh?

I managed to get hold of some contact details for PR departments within O2 and Vodafone today so called both companies to see whether they would be prepared to supply me with a Nokia N97 for a few months whilst I am on my travels with internet access and pay the bill. I am not sure whether I will get anywhere with this but it would certainly make things easier for me. Both companies requested I sent an email with all the relevant information and the request so I did that this afternoon. I will keep you updated on what happens there.

I went for another jog this afternoon with my friend, Nathan, but we were both the walking wounded today. Nathan was complaining of pain in his calf so I can only assume he has strained it and my ankle has been playing up. I haven’t twisted it or anything but every time I plant my foot I get a shooting pain in my ankle. As a result we only managed to do a couple of miles but that’s better than nothing!

I have managed to get a couple of hours of learning Italian in as well this evening before I got rudely interrupted by Jamie and his big mouth! It’s amazing how much noise teenagers can make without actually saying anything. We have had a bit of a heated discussion tonight – he’s being a typical adolescent male and has been causing a bit of trouble so I have been trying to explain things like gangs, retribution and stabbings. Hopefully if I go on about it enough he may take notice and start behaving before something serious happens.

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