Sunday, 19 July 2009

What A Lazy Weekend I Have Had!

It’s official, I’m a mess! Somewhere along the way I have totally lost the ability to wake up and get out of bed and it’s starting to get on my nerves now! Admittedly, with Friday being such a late night it was always going to be difficult to sleep last night and get up early this morning but it’s getting beyond a joke now – I need to get hold of some hot chocolate and start getting to bed by 10pm every night!

My brother was meant to ring me this morning at 9am to make sure I got out of bed for dog training so I didn’t set an alarm – not that they do any good these days. He was meant to be doing an airport job (he’s a taxi driver) but he gave it up to someone else because he had been working until about 4am and then forgot to ring me. Nathan rang me and I woke up but, by that time, I had missed dog training.

I’m really annoyed with myself and I am now determined to start getting into a routine. I need to be getting up and walking with Roman at the same times of day that we will be doing when we leave so that I know what he is comfortable with and also so that I know that whatever plans I put into place with regards to distance covered each day are going to be accurate. I need to know that when I say I will be in a town on a particular day then I will be there – there will be no point trying to arrange to meet the media if I cannot be reliable enough to actually turn up when I say I will!

It’s been a pretty miserable day here all day again – pretty much all day it has rained with the exception of 20 minute spells. I managed to give Roman a 2 mile walk before I went out to play football tonight but will be taking him out again once I have had a bath and freshened up a bit. I will take him 5 miles tonight and then keep him to 2 walks a day for most of this week to make sure he is ok.

It’s looking like our team will end up getting relegated this year which is a real kick in the teeth as we at least match the majority of the teams week in week out. Admittedly, at the start of the season the team had major problems all over the pitch but we have got much better as the season has progressed. We have a really annoying habit of dominating play and then making a silly error and getting punished. It’s really frustrating because the majority of the time it’s our own fault and we are effectively beating ourselves. If we could just iron these little mistakes out I am convinced we could be at least a mid table side, maybe even top half.

There has still been absolutely no interest in the house and it’s starting to bug me to be honest. It wouldn’t be so bad if the estate agents would at least take the time to return your calls or at least give you an update every week or two as to what they have been doing and what the results have been. At the end of the day, they are the experts with this sort of thing so they should take the responsibility to liaise with you properly when things aren’t working out. I think I will pop in and see them tomorrow – it’s harder to fob you off or ignore you if you are there in person.

I will be ringing Simon up tomorrow too – he said he had passed my number on to a guy at a national newspaper and I was expecting a call at the end of last week but it never happened. I will find out where we are up to on that as national coverage would really help me with publicity for what Roman and I are going to do. If we are to get anywhere near our target then we need as much publicity as possible!


  1. Hi Matt

    Cat (from AK) has told me about your plans (I'm her mum) and I will be following your progress with interest. Will try to get people interested where I work to raise some money for your charities. Good luck.

  2. Hi Cat's mum! Thanks for leaving the comment, I appreciate any support I can get and it would be really good if you could help publicise this for me.