Friday, 17 July 2009

I Hate English Weather, Bring On The Sunshine!

Bit of an early update tonight as I am going out up town soon with one of my friends – it will be one of the last times we will be able to get together for a drink together so we are going to make the most of it! I have know Ryan for a long time, since my first day of high school actually so about 16 years now! I have not been out for a while so it will be nice to let my hair down (actually, I have a skin head so I am not sure I will be able to!)

Today has been another day of rain here in Chester and I am just glad I got up early this morning to take Roman out before it all started! I was up at about 8am today and was out of the house for about 9.45am. We went for a five mile walk this morning and Roman seemed to come through it without a problem. I will be walking five miles with him again tomorrow, hopefully he will come through that alright too and then I can think about giving him a couple of walks a day.

I had a little brainwave this morning on a way of generating some support – the Help For Heroes site has a list of events that are taking place both nationally and internationally. I went through each of the international events and copied the email addresses for the contact for each event and sent them all an email to tell them about what I am doing. I have only had one response so far but hopefully I will receive more feedback. The one response I did get resulted in a £20 donation for Help For Heroes, thanks Anne Bell!

Either over the course of this weekend or next week I am going to sit down and go through all of the national events on the Help For Heroes site and do a similar exercise. I think it should be profitable as all of those people are involved in raising money for Help For Heroes already so there is some sort of vested interest. The email I sent off today went to 285 email addresses, I have no idea how many email addresses I will find for national events!

I rang the vet today to speak to Gemma about my poster. They have received it but don’t have a colour printer! I will have to find a way of printing a batch up myself so that I can take them around to local businesses to see if they will put them up for me to help with publicity. It might be worth doing this at the same time I go round asking for sponsorship.

I tried ringing the Rottweiler Welfare Association again today but have not been able to get hold of Jennie. I would have liked to have spoken to her before the weekend but I guess that will have to wait until Monday now. Hopefully they will have come some way in getting things sorted with Just Giving. I can’t believe how long things take sometimes but you know what paperwork is like!

I received a call off Simon again this morning to say that Ben, the guy from the newspaper, would be calling this afternoon. I have been in all afternoon but he hasn’t called. I had no choice about going out really though as the weather has been absolutely horrific! You wouldn’t think it was July. Then again, knowing this country’s weather I guess we should fully expect heavy rain in the middle of July!

The weather in this country is one thing I am not going to miss. Even when it is a nice day you can’t enjoy it as it is so bloody humid! I can’t wait to live in a country where hot weather is enjoyable and commonplace. I think I will have to work on my fitness a lot to be able to play football over in Italy but I am looking forward to that really.

It’s been a bit of an uneventful day really with not much happening. Nathan was meant to be coming out with us tonight but he’s changed his mind at the last minute – apparently he has just woke up so he reckons he would be asleep after two pints. Personally, I think he’s just worried about trying to keep up with us as he isn’t much of a drinker and I had been saying all week it would be a “Black Sambucca” night!

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