Monday, 6 July 2009

Fisty Cuffs!

I just about managed to get to dog obedience training today – I woke up at 10.45am and had to be there for 11am! I jumped out of bed, had a quick wash, fed Roman and cleaned my teeth and then had to run all the way from my house to the dog obedience training place just over two miles away! I am glad that I have been training recently, otherwise this would have been extremely difficult!

We managed to get there at about 11.05am – just in the nick of time! I made pretty good time really as it worked out that I ran two miles in ten minutes and it was rather warm here this morning! Both me and Roman were knackered by the time we got there. As Roman was knackered he was a bit of a nightmare today. It’s hard to get him to do what you want when he is tired as he just wants to sleep!

I got an email today from somebody offering to help me with the design of my blog. When I get time tomorrow I will email them back as it would be very helpful. I have never really done anything like this so am not sure the best way to actually present things so any help will be gratefully received.

I have not heard anything back from my emails this weekend but, as it is the weekend, I wasn’t really expecting a response this soon. I am hoping to hear something back early next week some time. It would be good if I could get assistance from journalists and publicists.

Roman has had quite a lot of walking today – we ran to the dog obedience training which is just over two miles and then walked back. Later in the afternoon we went to my dad’s house so that I could get a Sunday dinner and Roman could get a bowl of gravy and play with Casper. It’s about a mile from my house to there so that’s another two miles. In total we have probably done about six or seven miles – not bad considering he is meant to be resting because of his paw!

With regards to his paw he is getting much better. His limp is much better than it was although it is still there after a long period of exercise. I have tried to keep him to grass as much as possible to save aggravating it though. I have an appointment at the vet on Wednesday and am hoping that it has cleared up sufficiently by then as I don’t fancy spending another £67!

I played football tonight in the 6 a side league. For a change we were well in charge of the game and were leading 3-0. Unfortunately, one of their players got wound up and caused a bit of a fight and the match got abandoned after four players got sent off. He kicked out at me and then had a spat with my brother before throwing a punch at him. Everybody jumped in to try and break it up but the referee went a little over the top. It was a shame really as we were really enjoying ourselves tonight. Still, we will get credited with the result so that’s a positive.

I have got a couple of my brothers and a couple of my mates round tonight for a bit of a drinking session. It’s been a while since we had a lads’ night so thought we would have one this weekend. We are playing Football Manager on the Mac and rotating between this and the new Fight Night game on the Xbox 360. I am sure I will feel the effects tomorrow but need to make sure I am up in time for the photos with the Chester Evening Leader at 12pm!

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