Saturday, 18 July 2009

Shots, Shots And More Shots!

Last night was a really good night and I can’t even tell you what time I got in this morning! I had a hell of a lot to drink, I know that much! There was a group of us out in the end but we didn’t all stay together all night. My friends, Rob and Ryan, were with me pretty much all night although Rob went home earlier than us. We went round a few pubs and bars until pretty late and were going to go to a nightclub but it was that late by that time that they weren’t letting any more people in.

We tried a late night bar but they said that Ryan was too drunk – he was pretty wasted by that point – and I think that all of the shots that we had drunk were responsible for that! We must have been into double figures in terms of shots by the end of the night to go with copious amounts of Jack Daniels and cider. I am terrible once I get started drinking and, luckily, I am pretty good at it too! In fact, the doorman who turned us away because Ryan was too drunk actually said if it was just me he would let me in as I seemed “quite sober”!

We found a bar to go to after that but Ryan disappeared after about twenty minutes and I didn’t see him again – he has a habit of just going home when he’s too drunk so I’m used to it now. Luckily, I saw a few lads I knew so had a few drinks with them before heading off home. As I say, I have no idea what time I got home or what time I went to bed but it was a really good night.

It must have been pretty late, though, as I didn’t get out of bed until late – I’m ashamed to say I got up at 3pm today! I’m not sure why but I seem to be sleeping a lot more lately – I was sleeping less anyway when I was working as I was trying to juggle so many things and didn’t have enough time so ended up only having about 6 hours sleep a night but, just lately, I have been getting 9 or 10 hours sleep a night quite often. Maybe I’m catching up on the sleep I had been missing!

Today has been a really lazy day, I have not been hungover and not felt ill but I’ve got less energy than normal. I’ve had loads to eat – I always find that eating makes you feel better on the day after a night out. Even when I am hungover I eat loads. I decided to have a chicken tikka masala this evening as it always goes down a treat on days like this.

I have not been out at all today and I was considering giving Roman a walk after the Amir Khan fight. If I do go out with him then I’ll probably walk 5 miles with him. We are due at obedience training in the morning so I will have to make sure I get to bed at a reasonable hour. I just hope that I can get to sleep fairly quickly after getting up so late today!

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