Friday, 10 July 2009

We Were On The TV Tonight!

Well today has certainly been a productive day! I sent an email off to ITV, specifically to Granada Reports. Within an hour I had a message from Paul Crone on Facebook asking me to give him a call to discuss what I am planning to do as they would be very interested to cover it and get me on the news! Within a couple of hours he was here with a cameraman to do an interview.

It went really well, Roman behaved impeccably and certainly wasn’t camera shy! We managed to get some brilliant footage of Roman and I was really pleased with how it all went. The piece went out on Granada Reports earlier tonight at 6pm. For those of you who missed it I got my nephew to record it to a DVD so, as soon as I get my head around the technical aspects of uploading it to my Mac and editing the video so just my piece is on there, I will get it uploaded to my blog for you all to see.

A few people were asking what we were up to whilst we were filming and one guy came over for a chat afterwards. We sat on the field for about 20 minutes discussing it all and putting the world to rights (as you do). It’s nice to know that people are so affected by what I am doing. At times, it seems that I am writing my thoughts here purely for my benefit – I am sure there are people reading but I never get many comments on here so I don’t know for sure. The only indication is the counter at the bottom of this blog.

I have already had an influx of friend requests on Facebook and the group seems to have got moving again in terms of new members. I have messaged everyone tonight to advise them of the media developments as well as to request that they invite all of their friends to join the group to help me raise awareness of our adventure. It would also be nice if the donations started coming in now!

I am hoping that now we have been on TV and have had our story published in a few newspapers that we may be able to persuade some larger publications, such as national newspapers and glossy magazines, to print our story. Publicity is key when you are doing something like this and, although it is bloody hard work, I am determined to do my best on this front to give us the best possible chance of raising a huge amount for charity!

I had an offer from a friend I used to work with earlier today to take Roman out with her, Jen, and her boyfriend’s Rottweiler, Bodi. I accepted – it’s always nice for Roman to have the opportunity to socialise with other dogs as people can often be wary of letting Roman play with their dogs. It’s unfortunate that people have a negative perception of Rottweilers caused by the minority of idiot owners. Rottweilers really are beautiful dogs and are such well behaved good companions if in the proper hands.

There is a lake not far from where Jen’s boyfriend lives so I will be taking a couple of towels with me so that Roman can go for a swim – if it’s warm enough I may even go in with him! He has never been swimming before but I reckon he will absolutely love it. Apparently, it’s fantastic exercise for dogs and, particularly, Rottweilers due to their build and muscle.


  1. Hi Matt, I'm following your blog and I'd love to see your interview.

    Kim ( in Qatar)

  2. Hi Matt, Looking forward to seeing the dvd version of the interview, I don't get Granada, only Central or Wales, my mum saw it, she lives near Crewe, and rang to ask if I know "that man in Chester who has the georgeous Rottie", she was thrilled when I said I did, I have sent your blog page onto her and she will add it to her favourites list so she can follow your journey, she only learnt how to use the computer just over a year ago and now has a facebook page! she is 78, do you think she is one of your oldest followers??

  3. Hi Kim and Angela

    Kim - I will let you know as soon as I manage to sort it out

    Angela - I reckon she just might be!! It's nice to know people are taking notice, I was made up with getting on the TV!