Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Emails, Emails, Emails!

I had yet another lie in today, although I was up earlier than I have been on some days recently. I managed to get up at about 10.30am today but have decided that I need to start getting into a routine of being in bed by about 10pm each evening so that I can be up between 6am and 7am each day ready for our training. I am taking Roman to the vets tomorrow at 12pm and am hoping they say he is now fine – his paw certainly looks much better and I have not seen any hint of a limp for a while now.

I am quite excited about the boots that they will have there for us too – yes, I know it’s a bit sad but that’s the sort of thing I live for at the moment! I am not sure how he will react to them but he seems to take to most things, like the back pack I now have for him, so I am sure that he will make little or no fuss. He may find them a bit strange when he wants to scratch himself – I will be putting them on him quite regularly so that he can get properly used to them before we go walking with them.

I have been invited up to my dad’s house for tea tomorrow as my uncle is over from Australia for a while and he will be there tomorrow night. The last time I saw him was in sad circumstances as my granddad had died. It’s not actually that long ago that that happened but at least this time will be a little more cheerful! I tried to get him to come out for a drink last time he was here but it never happened so I will ask again tomorrow.

I took Roman out again with Nathan for a run on the field before we did a workout. He ran himself into the ground again for about half an hour and was positively knackered out when we left the field. It will be nice to be able to take him for proper walks again – it’s funny but walking with him has a real calming effect.

Nathan brought some of his weights with him tonight so we can up what we have been lifting. I was comfortably bench pressing 47.5kg so we upped that to 55kg tonight and upped the weights on other exercises also. I felt the difference immediately but I reckon I should be used to it and ready to move up again probably next week or the week after that.

I managed 110 leg raise tonight. I was really happy with that as I am determined to turn my belly into a six pack before I set off. I had been doing 3 sets of 15 leg raises but had been upping this from session to session. The last time we did a work out I did 2 sets of 15, 1 set of 20 and another set of 10 to finish. Tonight I did 3 sets of 30 and a final set of 20! It has definitely done a lot for me as I can really feel the effects of it! If I keep this up though I am sure that my six pack will come.

I sent about 50 emails off today to various companies looking for support for what I am doing both in terms of publicity and sponsorship. I targeted companies to do with dogs mainly in the hope that Roman taking part with me might help sway them. The companies I targeted included local vets, dog food manufacturers, Rottweiler charities and dog accessory companies. It would be nice to receive support from such organisations but I don’t expect masses of replies.

I also sent emails to various media sources including both local and national radio stations, local TV news broadcasters, GMTV, BBC Breakfast and various national newspapers. Again, I am not expecting a flood of responses but it would be nice if one or two of the emails I sent sparked some kind of response.

Finally, I emailed some outdoor adventure companies in the hope that a 1,500 mile walk for charity would be something that they would be interested in putting their name to – as far as outdoor adventures go, my plans must be pretty hardcore!

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