Friday, 3 July 2009

I'm Lazy!

I must have been tired as I didn’t get up until 1.30pm today – that pretty much put paid to most of my plans! I will be going to bed a little earlier tonight and will be getting up at 8am tomorrow. I need to go and get some new trainers and get some dog food and cat food for Roman and Macy. Once that is all done I think I will be trawling the internet for PR department contact details. The weather forecast is heavy rain all morning and then sunny from lunchtime so I am hoping to get on with the calling round whilst it is raining and then get out with Roman when the sun comes back out.

We have been out a couple of times today on the field around the corner from where I live. We were out for about half an hour the first time and about fifteen minutes the second time. The first time we went out it was still really hot and Roman got tired pretty quickly – he was running around the field like he had never been off the lead before!

He rolled over near me when I was sitting down and started yelping for about ten seconds. I was really worried he had hurt himself and, once he stood up, I realised he had hurt his back leg as he wouldn’t put any weight on it. I got him to sit down so I could check his leg – I straightened it out and then bent it a few times and he seemed happy enough and the next time he got up he was fine. I think he must have just twisted it or something but, luckily, it is nothing serious!

I got a message from Ben at the Chester Chronicle today asking for some more information so I messaged him back. I tried calling him but he must have left for the day by the time I called him back as I left a message on his answer phone but heard nothing back. I am sure he will be in touch tomorrow if he needs anything else but I guess that this means that the story will now be in next week’s edition.

I managed to get time to do a workout this evening and really enjoyed it. I am really getting back into the routine of doing weights again now. I used to do weights quite a bit a few years back but stopped – I’m not really sure why to be honest, I just did. I reckon that if I make sure that I do a workout every other day as well as the walking, jogging and football then I should be in top shape by the time I set off on my travels.

I feel sorry for Roman at the moment not being able to get as much exercise as he is used to now. I can’t wait for his paw to be better so that we can start our long walks again. I really enjoy them as it provides a good opportunity to clear your head and provides plenty of thinking time. I notice that Roman is normally a little more chilled out too when he is getting lots of long walks. It’s no wonder he is full of energy at the moment given that he is only getting about a quarter of his usual exercise right now.

I went to buy some trainers yesterday but the shop didn’t have the ones I wanted in my size but I spotted a pair of Karrimor walking trainers for £21 so thought I would give them a go. £21, after all, is not really a lot of money so if they are good then it’s a bargain but if they’re not then it doesn’t really matter. I wore them for the first time tonight and, while they feel comfortable, they feel a little strange. I will reserve judgement for now though as they are a different style to what I normally wear and they may feel better once I get used to them.

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