Saturday, 4 July 2009

I Wish Someone Would Buy My House!

I surprised myself today and actually managed to get up when I said I was going to get up! I jumped out of bed at 8am (with the aid of a phone call from Nath who was at work!) and sorted myself before heading into town. I managed to find the trainers I was after and bought some odor-eaters too – trainers can become very smelly very quickly when you do as much running and walking as I do!

When I got home I sent a few emails off to various companies asking for sponsorship and help with publicity but have not heard anything back yet. I will send more emails out this weekend and see how many get back to me next week. I also called the Chester Evening Leader to see if they would be interested in publishing a story on me. I chatted to a guy called Robert for a good twenty minutes and he is sending out a photographer to meet me at 12pm on Monday.

I asked if he knew anybody in any national newspapers who he could ask if they would be interested in the story and he said he knew someone at the Daily Mail so would sound them out about it. It would be absolutely brilliant if I could get national media interested in what I am doing. I had previously been thinking that I would probably only be able to get local media sources where I am travelling as well as specific magazines interested but there is always hope.

I am going to try and find contact details for as many newspapers, magazines, radio stations and tv news broadcasters this weekend and try and get in touch with them to see if they would be interested in my story. I don’t expect them all to take me up on the offer but it would be nice if I could get a few of them to publish my story. I reckon that once a few publish it then this may help to raise more widespread interest in the media.

I meant to phone the estate agents back today but forgot all about it. It has now been a week since I lowered the price on the house and they have not been in touch at all. I am not sure what they have been doing, what the reaction has been and also what the figures have been like on Right Move. I will make a note to ring them on Monday morning to find out all the key information. It’s really frustrating me at the moment – I know that if a buyer came out then they would immediately see that they were getting a bargain but it just seems to be impossible to get anyone through the door!

I took Roman out this afternoon for a run on the field around the corner from me for half an hour. Nath came with me and we kept calling him back from about 50 yards apart so he got a decent amount of exercise. His paw seems to be getting a bit better now too so I am hoping he will be ready to start the monster walks again next week. Typically, the weather is now forecast to be awful where I live for the next four days, I just hope they have it wrong!

I bought my nephew, Reece, a new Liverpool kit today as an early birthday present – he was after the new black away kit they have just brought out. He’s really funny as he is only a toddler but he is totally obsessed with Liverpool Football Club already. When we were speaking with him earlier we asked him what he wanted and he said “Football Manager”! He sees me and Rich playing it quite often and he is totally captivated by it. He is a really intelligent kid and can tell you the whole of the Liverpool squad already by looking at the squad numbers – nobody has taught him it so I don’t know how he has picked it up!

I will miss him when I leave for Rome and I know he will miss me too – having said that though he will probably miss Roman more. He adores Roman totally and Roman is really good with him. They are always playing together in the garden. Still, my mind is made up and there is no turning back now.

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