Monday, 27 July 2009

Not Much To Report Today...

Today has been pretty uneventful for me to be honest. With not being able to walk Roman and all businesses being closed meaning I can’t ring around for sponsorship I have been at a bit of a loose end pretty much all day. I got up this morning and went down to see Angela to get Roman a new harness as the one he has is starting to wear away. I didn’t take Roman as his paw still seems a little raw at the moment and I want to wait until I am 100% certain that it has recovered before I start exercising him again.

My younger brother, Jamie, is staying over tonight and we have just been sat around watching a few films – I treated him to a Pizza Hut earlier but only because I couldn’t really be bothered cooking after football and my older brother’s, Rich, girlfriend gets 50% discount there too! It’s been a while since I pigged out on that kind of food so it made a nice change but I will back to my healthy food tomorrow!

Football was horrific tonight – none of the management turned up for the game. Normally this would not be a problem but they also play for us so we were left a player short for tonight’s match. The worst thing about it is that they never even let us know what was going on – if we had known in advice we could more than likely have gotten an extra player as I have a few contacts from previous teams I have been in.

We lost the game 3-0 which wasn’t too bad really – the last time we played a team that was a man short we won 7-0 so at least we didn’t get totally hammered like that. One of our players, Johnny, had also been at Global Gathering all weekend so he was certainly not in peak physical condition! It’s just frustrating when stuff like that happens as you are immediately in a negative frame of mind right from the kick off.

I have not even taken Roman out once again today. I feel really mean on him and I can tell he would like nothing more than to go out for a nice long walk but it’s not fair on him as it would cause more discomfort in the long term. He has had to make do with playing with me in the house and charging and jumping around like a mad man! He keeps coming over and putting his head on my lap asking for strokes and cuddles – normally when he is well exercised I don’t see anything of him, he just sleeps pretty much constantly between walks!

It will be nice tomorrow to be able to get back in touch with the outside world – I will start chasing companies up about prospective sponsorship and look to make some new links with companies. I could do with getting some sponsor forms and posters printed up so that I can start going around door to door to try and raise some money offline. I am sure that there will be plenty of money coming in online but it would be nice to give it a bit of a boost!

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