Monday, 8 June 2009

2 Day Hangovers

I’m glad today is out of the way – I have still been feeling the effects from my exploits on Saturday night! I never thought when I was younger that I may suffer from 2 day hangovers too but I’m afraid I do nowadays! Still, I’m not one to let stuff like that beat me and I’ve done a fair bit more exercise tonight – it’s always the best way to drag your body and mind back into the real world, I’m not one to mope around feeling sorry for myself for self inflicted ills.

I only had to work until 5pm today so I was home by 5.30pm and my mate, Nathan, was here by 6.30pm – he nearly collapsed after football last night despite being a revolving substitute and only 21 years of age! What is happening to the youth of today? Anyway, I managed to coax him into doing a workout with me so we started off by jogging a few miles with Roman. I’m not sure who was more done in – Roman or Nathan?

Once we got back here I made us a pork and apple sausage sandwich each to get some protein in before we moved onto the weights. We had some creatine-laced water – Nath’s face was a picture as I told him it was tasteless! Then I made a shake up ready from whey protein and dextrose with half a litre of full fat (I know!) Cravendale milk – talk about frothy!

We bench pressed 3 sets of 37.5kg, 3 sets of 32.5g and 3 sets of 25kg (I did 8 each time, Nath did 6) before moving on to the legs. We did 2 sets of 8 on 7.5kg and then 1 set of 8 on 10kg. Next was the curling – 2 sets of 8 on 10kg followed by 1 set of 8 on 12.5kg per arm. There were various other exercises thrown in too for good measure and, before we knew it, we had done an hours workout! It’s surprising how quickly the time goes once you get started.

I managed to establish communication with the other two charities today – the Italian Red Cross and the Rottweiler Welfare Association. It looks like the Italian Red Cross are not able to set up on due to them being a “public institution” and they have “very strict rules (both in terms of accountability and adherence to the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement).

As a result of this I think I will have to set up a Paypal account specifically to raise money for them so that I can keep track of exactly how much I raise for them. This is a little inconvenient as it would have been nice to have 4 Just Giving pages but such is life.

The reason I have struggled to get in touch with the secretary of the Rottweiler Welfare Association is because she has been away on holiday (the cheek of some people, eh?). She has emailed me this evening so I have requested that they sign up for Just Giving so that I can set up a page there. Hopefully I will get a reply on this tomorrow. I am hoping that they can do it as it will make things much simpler for me.

I have 6pm finishes tomorrow and Wednesday and, to be honest, I could do without them – there seems to be so little time to do anything when I finish at 6pm and I always seem to end up staying up too late trying to fit everything in and end up tired for the rest of the week. Still, I only have 16 more working days until I am officially free!

Oh, I nearly forgot – the viewing arranged for Saturday. The buggers never even showed up. I’m not too happy about that to be honest – I was already rushing around as I was getting ready to go to the Oasis gig and I only found out on Friday the viewing was booked so had very little time to organise the house. I took Roman out for an hour or so in the pouring rain and took his crate, bed and toys to my brother’s house so they hopefully wouldn’t know a dog lived here and they didn’t even have the courtesy to let me know they weren’t coming! Grrr….

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