Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I Will Miss Roman While I Am Away!

I didn’t receive a call back from the estate agents today (shock horror!) and I also didn’t manage to find the time to ring the British Red Cross or the Rottweiler Welfare Association either! Unfortunately, I was just a little too busy at work today to be able to even think about anything else. Still, there are only 9 working days to go now before I finish for good and I will have loads of time to sort all this stuff out then if it isn’t sorted beforehand.

I am feeling a little tired today after the workout last night – I upped the weights by quite a bit and pushed quite a lot further. I have had total rest tonight but will make sure to have a jog and a workout tomorrow night in the hotel after I finish work. I stay in the Bromley Court Hotel when I have to work away and they have a gym, of sorts, in the hotel, which is quite handy.

I am planning to do a pretty good workout tomorrow night as I will be out drinking on Friday night so my first opportunity for another workout will be Saturday evening when I get home. I reckon a 30 minute jog on the machine should be a good warm up and then I’ll move on to lots of upper body work for an hour or so. I am going to take some of the whey protein, dextrose and creatine with me but will have to remember to get a pint of milk on the way back to the hotel after work.

It will be the last time I visit the Bromley Court Hotel which seems a little strange considering how much time I have spent there over the past 18 months – I got a reward card and have had a 3 night break for 2 in Milan, a 4 night break for 2 in Rome and about £150 worth of Amazon vouchers in return. Not bad really but I must have spent about 125 nights in that hotel!

Due to the pricing of rail tickets with Virgin Trains to get to Bromley I don’t have to get a train until 8.55am tomorrow. The ticket at that time costs about £35 but if I left any earlier it costs £105! I managed to get the return ticket for £13 as I am coming back on the Saturday instead of the Friday so in total it will only cost the company £48.

I have managed to get one of the lads I work with in Bromley to arrange for some people to come out for a drink around Bromley, Beckenham and Crystal Palace on Friday after work as a kind of send off for me as it will more than likely be the last time I ever see a lot of the people there. It seems a little more real all of a sudden!

I will miss Roman while I am away but I’ll be back before I know it. Roman will probably just sit by the back door waiting for me for a few days like he always used to. It’s really funny but he misses me loads when I am away but there was no difference whatsoever when I split up with my ex. It was like he hadn’t even noticed! I think that is probably because I always walk him and am the only one to play with him really. We have a really strong bond between us and we are like best friends (how sad do I sound?).

I am going to have an early night tonight – early by my standards at least – so that I am nice and fresh in the morning. I usually take my laptop with me when I go to Bromley but it hasn’t worked for a couple of weeks now so I think I will have to take a book instead for a change. Hopefully I will be able to get access to a pc when I am in the hotel to update my blog – I am on quite good terms with most of the staff there so I reckon they might just help me out if I am cheeky enough to ask (and believe me, I usually am!).

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