Saturday, 13 June 2009

I Didn't Get Up Until 1.30pm Today!

Well today certainly never went to plan! I didn’t get to bed until about 2.30am and put Menace II Society on to watch in bed. I only watched about half an hour of it before falling asleep but didn’t wake up today until 1.30pm! I must have needed the sleep – it must be due to the lack of sleep during the week but I am still pretty annoyed with myself!

I chilled out for a couple of hours and had boiled egg and toast for my breakfast before setting off on a 10 mile walk with Roman at about 3.30pm. I went and met Nath out of work at 5.30pm – he works in the city centre – but he bailed out on the workout so I had no training partner tonight!

Roman was a little tired – it was hotter than I first thought when I went out – so we popped to the café that we had gone to a couple of weeks ago with dog training as I knew they would happily give Roman a bowl of water. He was certainly very grateful for it!

I got chatting to the couple who run the café and it turns out that the owner’s son is in the army – he is due to go to Afghanistan soon – and they had done some fundraising for Help For Heroes a month or two ago. I told them about my plans and asked if they would be prepared to put a poster up for me. They agreed and also agreed to forward a copy of the poster if I email it to them so I will be putting one together this weekend.

Just next door to the café is a fruit and veg shop I worked in when I was about 16 and I saw the owner there while I was drinking my coffee so I had a word with him and he agreed to put a poster up also as well as agreeing to forward a copy on to all his contacts – there should be quite a few if you include suppliers and clients.

Once I got home I popped to see my brother who cut my hair for me – I now have a nice grade zero! I came home and had a bath and then did an hour long workout – I feel a little knackered now to be honest! I’ve had my protein shake now and am just cooking myself some grilled chicken breast, rice and peas – a little dull I know but it’s got everything I need in it and will aid my recovery.

I am determined to get to bed at a decent hour tonight so I can get up nice and early tomorrow as it would be nice to have a day walking in the sun before I go and play football tomorrow night. I need to make sure Roman is comfortable covering long distances in sunny conditions – if he is not it might end up taking me six months to walk there!


  1. You obviously needed the extra sleep Matt, I am pleased you have been able to put a poster up in the cafe we went to during training, the reason i chose it was because it had the 'Help for Heroes' sticker in the window, we will be using it much more often now as they as so dog friendly as well.
    Not sure if I can support your healthy diet when we test the food manners of the dogs, we usually offer a 'KitKat' or similar to ensdure the dogs don't pester you or other people when eating but unfortunately I don't keep cereal bars at the dog club (I am allergic to anything without chocolate on it)!!
    Hope to see you both next Sunday as usual.

  2. Ha! I'm sure I can stretch to a Kit Kat from time to time - I'm not that much of a health freak! I just wanted to try and get in as good shape as possible for when I leave really. I will be there next Sunday - 11am right? Do I need to bring a Kong or will we be out and about again?