Monday, 8 June 2009

Wow, wow, wow, wow!

Well, what a busy couple of days it has been! The Oasis gig was absolutely awesome, totally out of this world! I knew I was going to love every minute but it really was on another level. We left Chester at about 3.30pm and got into Manchester at about 4.30pm. We found a park and ride that had been put on for the gig and paid £10 to park up there and jumped on the bus. Heaton Park was only a mile or 2 down the road so we were there by about 5pm.

We managed to actually get in to see the gig at about 5.30pm and the first thing that struck me was how wasted people were already! I’m sure there was a lot of people who must have been there since about 2pm and been drinking all day – there were some right sights! I had some random bloke telling me how hard he was and how he could take any of the 4 fellas that were near us. His poor missus was fuming and doing her best to keep him out of trouble but he was completely gone – I think this was at about 6.30pm too so I am not sure if he managed to stay around or be straight enough to see Oasis!

Twisted Wheel – a band I had not heard of before – were the first we saw perform and they were pretty good. I really liked the music but I wasn’t too keen on the singer. When they went into solo guitar riffs they were really enjoyable but then the singer started up again and spoilt it!

The Enemy were next up and I had been really excited about the prospect of seeing them but was not sure whether they would play as they had to pull out on Thursday night as the lead singer had food poisoning. They certainly didn’t disappoint – I think I would go as far to say that they were sensational. They are probably my favourite band right now and they were so much better live than on the album.

Kasabian were a little disappointing for me to be honest. I think maybe because the music is a little darker and more subtle it just didn’t capture my attention in the way that The Enemy had – they were in your face and it was like a party atmosphere while they were on while Kasabian kind of blended into the background. They weren’t bad, they just didn’t get me going which was a shame as a lot of people had told me they were good live.

The pinnacle of the evening was undoubtedly Oasis. These guys are living legends – whether you love or hate them you have to admit that they really do have something special. They banged out loads of the old hits with a few of the more recent songs and finished with a superb rendition of Champagne Supernova. I don’t know how I still have my voice as I was singing all evening!

One thing I noticed about the venue was that there was no signs of searches anywhere – at one point a lad in front of us pulled a bag of cocaine out and he must have had about 10 grams on him! Each to their own I guess. There was a constant smell of skunk in the air too.

I spent over £150 over the course of yesterday (I know, I’m meant to be skint!) but it was worth every penny. There were stalls selling official merchandise and I bought an Oasis hoody for £35 and a jacket for £40. My brother, Rich, bought a t shirt for £18 and we are both made up with them.

I can’t believe how much I drunk yesterday too – by rights I should have alcohol poisoning! I bought a bottle of Somerset cider (7.2%) before we got on the motorway and drunk that on the way. By the time Oasis came on I had drunk 10 pints of Gaymers and headed back for another 2 about 30 minutes before they finished. Strangely, I didn’t actually feel wasted – it must have been the atmosphere and I guess drinking it over the course of 5 hours probably helped too.

We walked back to the car afterwards (don’t worry, my brother was not drinking!) and it took us the best part of an hours as we had to walk about a mile to get out of the park and then another couple of miles up the road to where the car was parked. It was much easier to get out than we thought it would be – we had visions of waiting for ages with 70,000 people being there!

We got back to Chester just before 1am and I decided to go up town and carry on drinking! My brother dropped me off and then I had another 4 pints of cider! I am certainly feeling it today but felt fine last night. I can’t believe I drunk all that! I got to bed at about 4am and was up at 11.30am – I should have been at dog training this morning but didn’t make it (sorry Angela!).

I had the biggest fry up you have ever seen this afternoon – 3 pork and apple sausages, 3 rashers of bacon, a beef and chilli burger, a lamb and mint burger, fried bread, half a tin of beans and a fried egg. I was stuffed after that and then monged out on the sofa before falling asleep for a couple of hours. I got up at 6pm and then had to go out and play football.

Most people say that they can’t do anything when they are hung over and tend to just laze the day away falling in and out of sleep. Although I still felt a little out of it I threw my kit on and went and played. If I’m honest I actually enjoy playing football when I am mashed and, for some bizarre reason, actually play quite well when I am! We won 2-0 for the second time in a row so I was happy with that, especially as I have now been playing at the back for 2 games and we have not conceded in either!

I have been a little lazy since I got back and am pretty much ready for bed – I will be getting a bath first though as I will stink otherwise! Roman has not had a walk tonight but will be getting a good run tomorrow night to make up for it. He’s really good though – he’s not played up or anything, in fact he must sense I am not at my best because he keeps coming over to give me cuddles!

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