Saturday, 13 June 2009

Lazy Evening

I am so happy that the weekend is here and, even better, the weather forecast seems to be pretty good. I will be getting up early tomorrow, shaving my head and then taking Roman for a 10 mile hike before lunchtime. My mate, Nath, is working tomorrow afternoon but will be coming round after work at about 6.30pm to go for a jog with Roman before we do a workout for an hour or so.

Dog training is off this week as there is a Race for Life this weekend so some of the roads around the city centre will be closed off. That’s a bit of a shame really as we couldn’t go last week as I was too hungover after the Oasis gig. I will make sure that we do plenty of exercise though and am hoping that we can put in at least 20-25 miles over the course of the weekend walking and at least 5 miles jogging.

I have football on Sunday night again and we will be looking to make it not only 3 victories in a row but also 3 clean sheets in a row. It will be harder this week though as we are playing the team that are second in the league. Still, since I moved to centre back, the balance of the team has looked much better and we haven’t conceded a single goal so there is always a chance!

Work dragged a little today – I think I am just waiting to finish now to be honest. There is still a fair bit for me to do as I need to try and get everything sorted by next Wednesday for when I go to Bromley to do a handover of all of my tasks so I am sure that next week will be a busy one. At least that should make the time go quicker!

I have had a bit of a lazy evening tonight, not been for a run or done a workout but I guess it’s best to have alternate days off really. I am really enjoying the working out at the moment and am determined to have a nice six pack and well defined frame for when I leave – I’ll look a lot better walking around with my top off if I do!

I got a call this afternoon from a guy at the Chester Chronicle. He wants to meet up with me and Roman to get a photo and some more information so that they can publish a story about what we are doing. I am hoping that this will lead to national coverage as they have links with the Daily Mirror but we will have to see on that one. I cheekily asked if he would get me on the front page but apparently that is not his decision.

I have now decided to send my story into as many magazines as possible- Take a Break, Bella, That’s Life, dog magazines, etc. in an effort to raise publicity. The audience for those sorts of magazines is pretty big so, if they publish the story, I should receive heightened interest as a result

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  1. Hi!

    This is quite a big project you have going!

    You're right, nothing is easy. I'm fluent in Italian, have work in Italy, and it's still a challenge...

    Could you write to me? My email address is on my blog's contact page.