Monday, 22 June 2009

I Performed A Random Act Of Selflessness Today!

I’m not sure whether you have noticed but the Just Giving widgets have not been working for the past few days – it turns out that they have done a major overhaul on the website over the weekend and cocked everything up! I have sent an email off to them but it seems that a lot of people are having problems right now and they are already working on rectifying it so fingers crossed that they manage to get it all sorted soon!

I had such a boring day at work today – I think my mind is now starting to switch off. I know I have things to do and I am trying to get motivated but I am struggling to stay focused if I am honest. Only 6 more days to go now until I have finished and I am sure that those 6 days will fly by. I suppose all that remains now is for me to tie the ends up and pass on what I need to.

I really need to get back in touch with the British Red Cross this week – they said they would be in touch with me about collecting on behalf of the Abruzzo appeal for the Italian Red Cross but I have heard nothing and it must be almost 2 weeks now! I need to try and get hold of Jennie from the Rottweiler Welfare Association too so that I can find out how things are going. Having said all that though, even if I do manage to sort all that out, it’s not like I can actually do anything right now as the Just Giving site is playing up anyway!

I have had a pretty lazy night tonight – I was meant to be going for a jog and having a workout with Nath but he didn’t show up. I tried ringing him but he didn’t answer – it later turned out he had gone back to bed after work at 1.30pm and didn’t wake up until late. Lazy bugger (not that I can really say anything given my record of late!)

I managed to perform a random selfless act tonight – I love being spontaneous and tonight I certainly was! I had racked up loads of points staying at the Bromley Court Hotel last year and had cashed them all in for about £140 worth of Amazon vouchers. I was hoping I could get people to use them and give me the money but then nobody wanted anything! I spent about 2 hours tonight looking on Amazon at various things – Armani jewellery, Henri Lloyd trainers, etc.. but nothing quite jumped out at me so I decided to do something nice for someone else.

My brother, Rich, had his computer fixed and upgraded a few months ago only for his monitor to break! That lad has no luck! Anyway, I have been banging on at him for ages to get a new monitor but you know how it is these days with the credit crunch and all. I decided to spend my vouchers on a new monitor for him instead of myself – I found a 22 inch LG monitor for £116 and it looks pretty nice too! I’m excited for him!

I love doing things like that for people at times. It’s remarkable how good it feels to do something like that. It’s not like it really cost me anything but it’s worth a lot to him and I could see he was made up – this in itself is surprising as he isn’t exactly the most positive person! I reckon he will get much more joy out of the monitor than I would have done out of some Armani jewellery or Henri Lloyd shoes though!

The weather forecast round here looks pretty good over the next couple of days so I have decided that I am going to walk 10 miles each night with Roman after work. Most of our exercise lately has been in the form of jogging so it will make a nice change to just amble around for a couple of hours! He developed a bit of a limp the last time we walked a long distance and I have been trying to figure out whether it is his paw or his leg.

I looked on the internet and the first sites I found all said about arthritis and bone cancer being common in Rottweilers, even at a very young age. Naturally, I panicked a little but resisted the urge to rush off to the vet – he showed no sign of pain but just limped. Anyway, he appears to be all better now but he has spent a lot of time licking his paw so I am going to look into getting him some walking boots pretty soon.

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