Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Today was a fairly productive day for me – I finally managed to get on the phone to Jennie at the Rottweiler Welfare Association and Lucy at the British Red Cross. There was good news and bad news – the good news is that the British Red Cross still have their appeal for the Abruzzo appeal via the Italian Red Cross open so I am able to set up a Just Giving page in the name of the British Red Cross and, as long as I inform them when I have done it, they will forward all donations received through that page onto the Abruzzo appeal.

Another piece of good news I had today is that the Rottweiler Welfare Association have decided to set up with Just Giving and are currently in the process of sorting things out. The bad news, though, is that they have changed their treasurer and, as a result, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be sorted out with the banks before they can go ahead and set up the Just Giving page as the direct debit must be paid to the treasurer of the charity.

Still, this definitely represents progress and I am looking forward to setting up the pages for them as soon as I can. I have attempted to set up a page tonight for the Abruzzo appeal but I have been unable to due to the problems that have been caused by the upgrade that took place over the weekend. I will keep trying each day with this and I will update you as soon as I have any progress with this.

I have still heard nothing from the estate agents and, despite calling and requesting a call back today, am still trying to find out where things are up to. I will try them again in the morning to see whether there has been any interest at all since I have lowered the price. I am considering the possibility of an auction now as I really do need to sell the house before I set off – I will go regardless but it will be much easier if it has been sold prior to me leaving.

On the work front I managed to agree some action points with one of the guys I am handing some of my work over to today and feel a little more confident that things will go as smoothly as possible. I am a conscientious person and would hate to think that I had left things in a bad way. I know a lot of people probably wouldn’t be that bothered but that’s not me and I like to take pride in things that I do.

I went out for a nice walk with Roman a little earlier and we managed to get through about 6 miles. It would have been more but it poured down for an hour around seven o clock so I decided to have some tea before I went out. I had my hair cut earlier so also needed a bath – I hate it when you get all itchy from haircuts!

I think my haircuts are a curse to be honest with you – every time it is meant to be sunny I shave my head to a grade zero to try and catch some sun on my head before I go but it always ends up raining straight after I have had it cut. It’s happened the last three or four times I have had my hair cut now!

I am having my younger brother, Jamie, over to stay tomorrow night but hopefully he will come for a walk with me and Roman and then we can do a work out. Normally when I ask him to come for a walk with us he whinges loads but I am hoping the thought of a workout may help to keep him cheerful! He has been nagging me for ages to go boxing with him or to do a workout with him but I am reluctant to take him boxing as he has just got into the “I need to fight everyone I meet” stage so who knows what might happen if I teach him how to use his fists!

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