Sunday, 14 June 2009

Going Back To Work For A Rest!

I am so ashamed – I didn’t get up until 1pm today! I must have better discipline tomorrow though as I am back in work and have to be there for 8.30am! Once I was up I got straight to it – sorted some breakfast and a coffee out to wake up with and then set off on another 10 mile walk with Roman. It was surprisingly warm despite the cloud cover and Roman was suitably knackered when we got home. It never ceases to amaze me though how quickly he recovers – within a couple of hours he is ready to do it all again!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to take him again – I had decided to do another work out (Nath declined again, the big girl!) and my brother, Rich, agreed to do one with me. After an hour of working out and a nice thick, creamy protein shake I cooked us both grilled chicken breast, boiled rice and peas (it’s fast becoming a trademark dish in this house!)

I didn’t actually eat until about 7pm and this was a bit of a mistake as I had to play football at 8.30pm. We were playing the team that is second in the league so we knew it would be a tough match. To be honest, we never really got going but managed to go in 1-0 up at half time! Within a minute of the restart we gave a cheap goal away and the match finished 1-1.

I left the pitch with mixed feelings – it was a game we should have won as we were the better team despite never really getting going but I was also happy as it was a good results we probably would have taken before the game against a good team.

I had an idea last week that one of the lads that turns up every week to watch should pick a man of the match each week so I had a word with him before the match and he agreed. Hopefully it will create a little more competition in the team and lead to better performances and, in turn, better results. I had a good game, as did our striker Johnny, and got the first man of the match award!

Despite me having a lot of sleep this weekend it has also been a fairly tiring weekend and I will be looking forward to going back to work tomorrow for a rest! I have a few things to do tomorrow too – I need to go to the estate agents to find out exactly what they are doing in an effort to sell my house and I need to chase up PayPal and the Rottweiler Welfare Association so that I can start raising funds for the RWA and the Italian Red Cross.

I am starting to develop quite a following in the Rottweiler community so I am hoping that I will be able to raise a decent amount for the RWA – they certainly deserve it for all the wonderful work that they do. I am keen to get this side sorted out once and for all too so that I can concentrate my efforts on publicising my plans.

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