Monday, 22 June 2009

Happy Father's Day Dad!

I am starting to think I have a problem – I just can’t seem to wake up any more! I woke up this morning at about 11.30am so had, quite clearly, missed the boat with regards to dog training (sorry Angela – again!). I think I must have still been trying to recover from my exploits around London and, despite the kip on the train, I obviously still needed more sleep! The only problem with waking up late on a Sunday (apart from missing dog training, of course!) is that it’s always hard to sleep at night so I end up being tired Monday morning too!

I can’t believe I now only have 7 more working days before I am a man of leisure – I love that phrase! Seriously, though, I am sure I will be busier than ever with all of the stuff I have to do – I need to walk at least 10 miles a day with Roman but will be aiming for 15 miles and I also need to be in touch with as many media sources, companies, etc. to make sure I get as much exposure as possible. I still have to learn Italian too!

Once I managed to get out of bed today I caught up on everything that had happened in Facebook world while I had been away – not much to be honest! I decided to watch a film so put Outlaw on – the Danny Dyer and Sean Bean film. I had been told it wasn’t very good but it is directed by the same guy who did The Business and Football Factory so I thought I would give it a go. To be honest, it was a little disappointing compared to The Business and Football Factory but it wasn’t awful.

Once that had finished it was time to go and see my dad and give him his father’s day card and collect my Sunday dinner! I love going to my dad’s for Sunday dinner – it’s the one thing you really miss when you leave home in my book. Roman always loves visiting on a Sunday too as he always guaranteed a bowl of gravy and, if he is lucky, some leftovers too!

I had meant to get my dad an iTunes voucher for father’s day but had run out of time with such a busy weekend so thought I would go online and buy a gift certificate that he could redeem straightaway but there has apparently been a lot of fraud in China to do with credit cards and iTunes so they have temporarily stopped the service! I had to order him a gift card instead that they send out so he won’t get it for a couple of days.

I had football again tonight and we had a 7.30pm kick off so I headed back home at 6.30pm to get ready. Tonight’s game was another against one of the better teams in the league so we were in for a tough match. We ended up losing the match 1-0 and I was bitterly disappointed. I am a hugely competitive character and absolutely hate losing but it really annoys me when we, effectively, beat ourselves.

That is exactly what happened tonight. Don’t get me wrong – they were undoubtedly a better team than us in technical terms but if everyone on our team puts in 100% then we are capable of grinding results out. Tonight, however, just didn’t work out like that. We did the basic things badly and the midfield was constantly being caught out with balls in behind them.

I play at the back so it is often me that has to try and mop up when this happens and, let me tell you, it is infuriating when you watch it time and time again. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell people to stay goal side and not let their man turn them it still happens! I’m sure we’ll get that right in time and I sometimes think it is a question of fitness but it still gets to me – I just want to win!

I have been home since about 9pm and have been chilling with Roman and catching up with a couple of people on Facebook (as well as apologising profusely to Angela who takes the dog training sessions!). I will be going for a bath shortly and then straight to bed with a film – I just hope I can sleep fairly quickly so I get up on time in the morning!

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