Saturday, 6 June 2009

I Got My First Donations Today!

I finally managed to get some of my charity pages sorted today on and you may well have noticed the widgets to the left of this post. The two that are currently in place are Help For Heroes and Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). I had been in contact with Help For Heroes for a couple of days and found some time today to fill in the relevant forms for them so I could set the page up. I also rang MSF and spoke to a guy who had actually already heard of me! He is a United fan and was looking on the internet for information about getting to Rome and my post in the forum popped up! It’s quite bizarre that people already know who I am before I speak to them!

I also received my first donations today from one of the collections managers at my place of work (thanks Claudine!). Unfortunately, there have been no more donations yet but at least we have a start! I tried and tried to get in touch with the secretary from the Rottweiler Association today but just could not get an answer so I will try again on Monday. As for the Italian Red Cross, I tried calling the British Red Cross to see if they knew anyway to get in touch with them directly as I’m not fluent in Italian yet and was hoping there may be a number to speak to someone who speaks English. They gave me a number to ring but it is an international number – I hope it’s not too expensive! I will also ring them on Monday.

I had some more good news today – I rang the estate agents this morning to see how things were going as I had not heard off them for a little while. As it was they had rung round about 30 prospective buyers that morning and had managed to arrange a viewing for midday tomorrow. I am trying not to get too ahead of myself but I must admit I am a little excited!

I came home from work and immediately set about cleaning the house from top to bottom to get it as presentable as I can. I will have to give it a quick once over again in the morning though as Roman sheds a fair bit of hair at this time of year! I am going to take his crate and bed round to my brothers to give the appearance of not having a dog and have had oil burners going for the last hour. Don’t get me wrong, my house doesn’t smell of dog – in fact a friend who visited a few weeks back commented on how she couldn’t smell Roman. I was really happy about that as it is hard to tell when it’s your own dog.

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me all round as I am off to see Oasis at Heaton Park in Manchester with my brother. I have seen Noel Gallagher performing live before at a Versus Cancer event at the MEN arena – he was playing guitar and Paul Weller was doing the vocals (awesome!) – but I have never seen Oasis live before so I am really excited. They are being supported by Kasabian, The Enemy, Twisted Wheel and Free Peace.

I have been a fan of Oasis since day one and just know tomorrow is going to be amazing! I also like Kasabian although, for some reason that I am not sure of, I haven’t listened to them a lot in the past although they have been on my iPod quite a lot over the past couple of weeks! The Enemy are absolutely brilliant and one song in particular (Away From Here) really rings true of my situation at the moment. For those of you who do not know the song here are the lyrics to the first verse that typify me right now:

I'm so sick, sick, sick and tired

Of working just to be retired

I don't want to get that far

I don't want your company car

Promotions aint my thing

Name badges are not interesting

It's much easier for me see

To stay at home with Richard and Judy

Obviously in my case it’s much easier to walk to Rome but I am sure you get the gist!

I have not heard of the other 2 bands before but am pretty open minded and hope they will be good. To be honest thought they could be complete garbage and it wouldn’t matter due to the rest of the lineup! The Enemy had to pull out of Thursday night’s gig due to Tom Clarke falling ill with food poisoning. I hope he is better for tomorrow as I am really into them at the moment.

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  1. Hi Matt,Great that you got the 2 charities going and really hope the Rotti Assoc will do the sdame, when they answer the phone to you!!! lol Good news about the viewings, good luck with them all, buyers market they say!!!! I bet the concert is going to be fantastic too apart from Oasis themselves, Kasabian are really fantastic, my kids play them all the time, so know them well now, and even as an oldie, love 'em to bits!!!!lol Have a great time xx