Saturday, 27 June 2009

I Got Up Early For A Change!

I thought I would update my blog early today – it can sometimes be a little bit of a pain late at night and tends to end up being a bit of a rush job so I can get to bed and get up for work in the morning! Today has been a fairly busy, and unusual, day. It has been unusual in the fact that I managed to get out of bed early on a weekend for a change and was up and awake by 9.30am!

I had hoped to get up a little earlier but I reckon if you have been reading that you are probably getting to know me in that respect by now. I fed Roman and allowed myself to wake up and then headed off for a walk. I did about 7 miles this morning but stopped off on the way after about 6 miles for a brew at my dad’s house.

Roman always likes visiting my dad as he has a border collie cross that doesn’t mind playing with him – most dogs either bark at him, run away or want to attack him! I stayed there for about an hour and then headed home so that I could have some dinner. I was pretty hungry after all that walking so I threw together a Bolognese. Rich came round for a spot to eat as the taxis (he’s a taxi driver) had gone a bit dead.

Chester Races have been on today and last night so the taxi’s have been a little busier than the average day but once they all get inside the racecourse it tends to die completely – too many cars out on the road and no work left for them.

I managed to get in touch with my ex this morning and we have agreed to drop the price on the house to £94,950 so I called Holly at the estate agents to ask her to do that for us. Hopefully, now that the house is way under it’s value, the interest will start to pick up. It’s gutting though as I have now lost £12,000 on the house and that is presuming it fetches the asking price!

Before Rich arrived I managed to get about an hour in on the Rosetta Stone application learning Italian. I don’t think I have forgotten too much – it has been a couple of weeks before I last did any – but I certainly had to re-familiarise myself with some of the words! I can’t wait to not have to work as I will be putting 3 or 4 hours a day in then and I am sure that things will start to sink in properly.

Once we had finished eating I decided, seeing as the sun came out for pretty much the first time all day, that I would take Roman for another walk. This time we just walked 5 miles. After his limping the other week I am trying to keep the distances shorter but walk him 2 or 3 times in a day to see how he copes with that. He seems to be ok with it really and somewhere between 5 and 7 miles seems to suit him.

I am going to go round to my brother’s house for a few hours again tonight to play a bit of Football Manager with him – his girlfriend is out round town tonight so we will have some peace and quiet as long as the kids behave themselves! I think Roman will probably just sleep for a few hours once we get there – he looks knackered now, poor dog!

Tomorrow is obedience training day – for Roman, not me! – and I am hoping that getting out of bed early this morning is a good omen for tomorrow. I think I will probably come home at about 11pm tonight so should be in bed by midnight. I would hope that that will be sufficient enough time for me to get enough sleep but we will see…

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