Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I Nearly Flooded My House!!

I spoke to the estate agents this morning and lowered the asking price to £99,950 as recommended so hopefully we will see some movement some time soon. I asked for some information from the guy I was talking to and seemed to get a lot further with him that I had been doing so that’s good. He said there was about 30 people he could ring round to try and raise interest in the price bracket the house is now in.

They rung about 15 people today and got mixed results. Some people said they didn’t want to live in the area my house is in, despite saying they wanted anywhere in Chester! There were a few people that were not it so they will try them again tomorrow but it was nice to get a phone call back for a change to keep me up to date. He has promised to ring me back again tomorrow to let me know how he gets on with the rest of the list too!

The price will be amended on Right Move overnight so, again, hopefully this will drive a bit of interest as it now falls under the £100k marker that a lot of first time buyers may be searching on. Fingers crossed now that I can get some interest but I am not too happy as I have now lost £5k and it could end up costing me money to actually offload it! If I didn’t have other debts then I would just rent it out but I can’t afford to maintain the other payments while I am travelling.

I had a good idea today – at least I think it is a good idea but we will have to wait and see how it turns out. I was thinking of trying to get one of the mobile phone providers to provide me with a state of the art phone – 7 megapixel camera, GPS, keyboard, internet access – so that I could take pictures and upload them to my blog when I leave and also update my blog with it. I am hoping that they will see the attraction of having “this post was brought to you by….” at the end of every post.

I have not heard back off the Rottweiler Welfare Association or the British Red Cross since I spoke with them last so, if I have not spoken with them by tomorrow afternoon, I will try and get hold of them again for an update before I go to Bromley on Thursday morning. I will be there Thursday, Friday and Saturday but, don’t worry, I’ll find a way to update my blog!

I went for a jog tonight with Roman and Nathan came along with us again – he wasn’t happy about it and complained a little but I keep telling him if he does it 3 or 4 times a week then it will get much easier but it’s just hard to get him to actually do it! We did a really good workout afterwards and I am feeling fairly tired now.

We had our customary protein shakes afterwards and then I cooked some cod in butter sauce (two each for the protein!) with boiled rice and peas. I had forgotten just how nice cod in butter sauce is! I really enjoyed it and it was just what we needed really. I have had a strawberry yoghurt for dessert and will probably have boiled egg and soldiers for supper once I have had a bath – you have to get plenty of protein when you are working out!

I must have the best bath in the world – it’s a really deep corner bath and I don’t even miss not having a shower in the house, it really is that nice! There’s nothing better than running a nice hot bath and relaxing in it for half an hour. I had a bit of a worrying moment earlier – I put the bath on while I was cooking tea and chatting to someone on Facebook and forgot all about it! It was only when I was rinsing the pans before eating that I realised as the hot water seemed slow coming out of the tap.

I really panicked when I realised and flew up the stairs half expecting to find my bathroom flooded and water running into the landing and down the stairs. It seems my bath also has a pretty good overflow though as the water hadn’t even reached the top of the bath – phew!

I only have ten more working days left now and am really looking forward to my first day of freedom. I don’t think I will have a lie in or anything though, I have big plans for what to do with my time once I leave.

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